If you’re on the hunt for roofing contractors Cape Town then you’ll find everything you need, and more, right here with Atech Roofing! This is where over 30 years’ worth of experience in the roofing industry meets with expert workmanship and guaranteed, quality products, to bring you exceptional roof repairs, right on your doorstep.

Of course, with so much experience, you can expect a lot more from the team at Atech Roofing than you’d find with the average roofing contractor in Cape Town! 

This includes a full range of building maintenance services that makes Atech Roofing your go-to team for everything from interior and exterior painting, to ceiling and roof repairs.

Roofing contractors Cape Town

When you’re looking for roofing contractors in Cape Town, you’ll find list upon list of contractors to choose from, and narrowing down those choices to roofing specialists who have the reputation and experience to make them stand out, isn’t easy at all.

As mentioned above, Atech Roofing is a team with all the experience, knowledge and commitment to excellence that you could possibly hope for in trustworthy roofing contractors. 

With an equal commitment to highly competitive rates for all their services, you can also be confident that this team will respect your budget when it comes to any roof repair, roof replacement, roof painting, waterproofing or roof refurbishment!

Need roof cleaning?

While moss can look very attractive in the right places in your garden, the one place you really don’t want it is on your roof! If you’ve noticed a bit of moss or algae collecting here and there on your roof, or the roof has accumulated too much dirt, Atech Roofing will clean the roof effectively and efficiently, leaving it looking brand new!

Need roof tiles repaired?

If the roof has cracked or broken tiles, Atech Roofing contractors will repair the tiles in order to avoid more expensive repairs further down the line. A cracked roof tile is an invitation for leaks to start, which makes it a good idea to let this team inspect the roof for any possible leaks before tiles start cracking.

It’s a lot less expensive to repair a few tiles, than it is to replace an entire roof!

Need help with waterproofing & damp control?

Atech Roofing understands very well the need for waterproofing and damp control, especially when it comes to staying dry in wet Cape Town winters, which makes them the team you can rely on to detect the smallest of leaks and offer quality damp treatment.

The value of your house is directly tied to the condition of your roof and whether or not there are damp problems associated with the structure, making it important to take steps to remedy the situation the minute there is any indication that leaks are causing damp to set in.

No doubt about it, damp prevention is better than the cure, especially if you catch it in time!

Roof restoration & replacement

When frequent roof repairs start costing you too much, it may be time to consider either having the roof restored or replaced. How well the roof is restored or replaced, will determine how many years you can look forward to being sheltered under it.

Naturally, along with these services, Atech Roofing will look after fascia boards, gutters, flashing, ceilings and chimneys as well, depending on whether or not any of these areas need attention, in order to keep your roof in great condition.

The best way to find out how much attention your roof really needs, is to contact the friendly team of roofing specialists at Atech Roofing, sooner rather than later.

Request a free quote or, better yet, let this awesome team of professionals inspect the roof to give you a true reflection of its condition, before any trouble starts!