Slate roof repairs Cape Town is a specialized field in roof repairs, which should only be carried out by professionals, and are definitely not the kind of repairs that call for a DIY solution!

If you own a slate roof, you need to make sure you deal with roofing contractors that have the expertise to do the job properly, or you could be looking at even more trouble than you may have started out with.

As the proud owner of a slate roof you already know that the lifespan of your roof is beyond that of any other type of roof, in fact, one could say that a slate roof is the Ferrari of roofs, lasting up to and beyond a century or two.

There could be trouble involved in owning a slate roof though, especially if you’ve bought a property that is already well into its second century, and you’re facing the possibility of slate roof repairs, or the even more expensive option of replacing it completely.

However, if your slate roof isn’t that old and it’s been well looked after, you would be in the better position of simply having any slate tiles that are cracked, broken or missing repaired.

Slate roof repairs Cape Town

If you’re looking into roofing contractors for slate roof repairs in Cape Town, then look no further than the team at Atech Roofing! 

Atech Roofing has been repairing slate roofs locally for over thirty years, and with this level of skill and experience, you can look forward to repairs that will keep your roof looking as good as it should.

Any roofing contractor worth his salt will tell you that if you want your roof to last, then maintenance is a key factor, which means having the roof inspected at least once a year ahead of the rainy season.

One cracked or missing slate tile could lead to major problems with leaks, which lead to costly repairs if neglected. The team at Atech Roofing will inspect your roof for any potential problems with the slate tiles, and from there will help you to decide the best course of action.

If leaks have started to take hold, this team of experts will lay out the options available to you, taking your budget into account of course.

Whether it’s a matter of repairing or replacing a few slate tiles, opting to replace the slate roof completely, if it’s in a bad condition, or replacing the slate roof with something cheaper, this is the team to have on your side.

Common slate roof problems to be aware of:

Broken, missing or slipped slates

Cape Town is well known for strong winds and heavy rain, which are weather conditions that can lead to slates slipping out of place, breaking or being misplaced. These are issues that call for immediate attention, so that the rest of the roof isn’t compromised in the process. 

This is another reason why it’s a good idea to have your slate roof inspected every year!

Rusting nails

If the original nails used to fix the slate tiles in place were iron or low-grade steel, they are prone to rust over time. When this happens across many of the slates, it’s time to call in the team at Atech Roofing to make the necessary repairs to these areas with quality products.


Delamination is the term used when the layers of slate tiles begin to split apart, which could be a sign that the slate is approaching the end of its life. Flaking slate tiles and large gaps in the tiles are a sure sign you need to move quickly to avoid further problems with the rest of the roof.

Slate roof problems?

If you’re experiencing any problems with your slate roof, contact the friendly team at Atech Roofing to assess the damage; these consummate professionals will offer you the best solution possible, at unbeatable prices!